April 04, 2012

Coloring eggs

This spring I figured I would try a little experiment with some eggs. I wanted to make dyed eggs using actual vegetable juices instead of the compact pigment tablets. I only did a few but you get the idea.

For the different colors I used:
 One beet = Red / Pink
 Four carrots = Orange
Two Cups of spinach = green

I juiced each individual vegetable and then added 3 Tablespoons of white vinegar to set the color. I also added a little water to bring the liquid level up to be able to completely cover the eggs when in the color. Leave the eggs in for different lengths of time for different shades of color.

Gently dip the egg in the cup or bowl and let sit for desired amount of time. Set aside to dry. I notices some vegetable particulates would float to the top and stick to the eggs. It can look like texture but if you do not like it rinse off. It will look lighter then when you first take it out but just leave in a little longer for a darker color.