December 03, 2013

New house! New house!

"A new house! Going to the new house!" My son excitedly says every time we go home. Our home! After 9 long months of looking at houses, almost buying one then it falling through...we finally found our new home! We are so happy and thankful we were able to find a house that is where we are are supposed to be. This has definitely been a test of patients and humility. In the long term view, it was just a few months with many ups and downs . We have a lot of work to do before we get the house they way we want it and functioning smoothly inside and out. We plan on updating a little at a time, planting as much food as we can handle and making a fun and loving home for our family. 

I am excited to try as many projects with little to zero money. Not just because we don't have much to spend but I feel very strongly about reusing materials, collecting free materials that would otherwise be garbage or sit wasting away. I might not be able to afford to drive a hybrid yet or add a windmill or solar panels to my roof, but this is good way to start being a better human!

I love getting up early and watching Zion (our dog) run through her yard and stare at the animals across the street. We have a neighbor with chickens and ducks and another with llamas. We already feel like this is the place God has planned for us to be. Even before we moved in. I know we will be used at this location and I can't wait!

We have many projects coming and the list grows everyday. We know we can't do everything but we plan to continue to work to make this our home each day! Once we finish unpacking I will post some pictures and videos. Keep and eye out on the HandMadeByKristen YouTube channel for more how to videos, progress updates and  new project ideas!

I will be at the Covington Hollydaze Bazaar on December 7, 2013. If you are in the South King County / North Pierce County area stop by my booth, Chee Chee and Company from 9:00am - 4:00pm.

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