October 02, 2011

October has arrived

Yesterday I got inspired to create a blog, so here we are. I am not really sure what I want to add on here but I know it will most likely include crafting and cooking. As these are two things I love to do. In the spirit of which I ended the day making cupcakes and being all wide eyed over the good finds I got at the craft store today. Needless today I am ready for the holiday season of card making.

After thinking about it I reminisced about how I was so good at making cards for every holiday, even "holidays" that were not really a holiday, just a day to send out a card (EXAMPLE: Grandparent's day) ...any who... I have decided it has been too long, so I will start once more. However today was cupcake day, I realized we ned to go grocery shopping so I was working with what we had. Not enough for a recipe from scratch but I could use the box mix. I really don't like the box mix kind but I got it on one of my couponing adventures, story for another day. I decided to jazz it up with some frozen blackberries that I was trying to use and some left over cream cheese frosting. In the end they ended coming out looking like a princess party cupcake for a five year old. My husband didn't seem to mind as he ate it in two large bites and asked for another, so all in all a success. One in cleaning out the box mix and two getting ride of some berries and sprinkles. Win / Win :)

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