June 27, 2014

Gardening the soul

All God, All knowing, all good.

Chanting to myself, I am.

Within me.

All God, all knowing, all good.

All God, all knowing, all good.

Cleanse my soul,

Cleanse my soil.
Tap, roots, down.
Into the home.
My home, my temple, my body.

I am, within me.

The place I go for rest.
Comfort, provider.
More than sustainable.
From earth and, more.

Good boots needed, to walk this path.

A soul built to withstand.
Drought, disease, damage.
A new beginning, life, growth.

Soil at peace.

Cycles that have a revolution.
Revive, thrive, produce.
Good fruit, so the cycle can begin again.

~Kristen Cola

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