March 26, 2012

Tis' the season of Spring

Spring is coming! Spring is coming! Well I guess it's here. Just hard to tell In between the random snow first thing in the morning and the brief sunshine sneaking out on the weekends. The flowers are coming out now and I have been spending today trying to save mine. Lack of the sun has made them sad and drooping so a makeshift mini lattice was in order. I used hemp twine and bamboo skewers.

Since  the plant was looking better I figured I would make the pot it was in more lively too so quick ribbon did the trick.

After the flowers were more happy I moved inside to build up my nest.

And make some iced tea...jello?

When warming water add 2 bags of herbal peach tea, let brew for a couple minutes then remove and add peach jello and remaining water and let set.

If you want a stonger tea flavor try using more tea packets or somthing with a  stronger flavor like one mixed with black tea.

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