January 22, 2013

Granny Square Quilt

So I started making this blanket back in October and worked on it on and off since then. I made the goal to get it done by New Years, that didn't not really happen but I was close. I got all of the individual pieces done. I just didn't sew it altogether until the 2nd. ...But Kristen it is the 22th? Yes, well I have been busy lately, or lazy... not really sure which. Not so much as lazy just not wanting to blog late at night. Then again that is what I am doing right now. So I guess this is just better late then never. At least I got it done!

The final blanket measures just over 3 ' X 5'. I made up the patterns as I went along. I started by learning how to do granny squares then after using the variegated yarn and tan yarn I got bored. So I found the corresponding colored yarns and went to town! I am pretty please with how it came out since it is the most detailed yarn project I have ever done. I knit and needlepoint as well but I am really starting to like crocheting. Since it was pieced together with different size squares they did not always match up perfect and the tension was not the same on some of the first few squares. That is why there was some puckering. For a first attempt I am choosing to look past that and am proud of what I made.

I used about 2144yards (about 8 skeins) of yarn with a J/10 (600MM) hook. I made rounds of 3, 7 and 14 for the squares. Otherwise I just followed a basic granny square of. Here is my pattern...

First Round-
Chain 6

Insert hook through first loop and pull loop through to create circle.
Chain 3, DC 2 through the circle, Chain 2
DC 3, Chain 2 (repeat twice)

Insert hook into 3rd stitch of starting chain. Cut tail and pull through. (hide tail as needed).

***You should now have a center circle and 4 smaller circles.***

Second Round -

Pull through one of the holes created in first round. Chain 3, DC 2, Chain 2.

Insert hook into next hole, DC 3, Chain 2, DC 3 (This is be the corners on each time around) Repeat twice more.

Insert hook into 3rd stitch of starting chain. Cut tail and pull through (hide tail as needed).

Third Round (and each additional round)-

Pull through one of the corner holes created in second round. Chain 3, DC 2, Chain 2, DC3.

Insert hook into next hole, DC 3
In the next hole DC3, Ch2, DC3 (Repeat last two steps all the way around. For each hole that is not a corner just chain 3.)

Insert hook into 3rd stitch of starting chain. Cut tail and pull through (hide tail as needed).

This can be as many rounds as you want following the same pattern of crochets and chains.

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  1. Well your results are very nice. I love the pattern and colors that you chose! I started an afghan months ago for husband but as usual I get bored quickly with large projects,LOL!! But it will get done eventually as I am being reminded about it on a weekly basis! Nice work! Love Di ♥

    1. Thank you. I know what you mean about large projects. That is why I liked this idea so much, because I could work on bits a time. Thanks for reading!