June 28, 2013

Hanger star wreath

Independence day is coming up quick. I figured I should decorate or something, so here goes. I have a Scentsy warmer that is star shaped but that was really it other then a flag. I happen to have some broken hangers that I never really know what to do with anyway. I usually end up just throwing them into the recycling bin. I had been think about making a star out of hangers on and off this week but never got around to it. After a frustrating day at work today I just needed to craft it out. So I cranked up some music and got to work.

To make a wreath like this you will need:
3 old hangers
Cutters for the hanger
130 strips of fabric (2" X 8")
Glue (Optional)

Start by preparing your points. Cut bottom line in half.

Cut off the top hook and any hanging pieces so you are left with 5 points. 

Tape center joints together.

Start tying fabric strips around the star you have made. It does not matter how you tie them. Just try to use the same method all the way around. I have used a basic hitch knot.

You can create a pattern of your choice with . When I was finished tying on the fabric strips I trimmed the longer pieces to make them as even as possible. You may need to use some glue to hold the fabric in place on the points if it slides.

I realized after doing two of the points that the hangers that are wider in the corners make it a little difficult to tie on the fabric. If you have the option of  hangers that are the same size all the way around it is best.

I am pretty pleased with how this star came out. It is really light weight and was easy to do. This would be a great project with kids and you can use the same method for just about any shape.

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