May 30, 2013

Let me see, me

I pray God lets me see.
From the warrior, to the war in her.
At battle with the passion for her own desires and of her family.

Family, everywhere in between.
Inside out.
Out of place, drives her a little over.
Over, to another lesson.
In love with the life she is living.
She is a tightrope walker.
Balancing, the weight.
Shoulders tight, nose runny.
Illness is an ugly world.
Much like hate and loathing.
Fund to say, that is all...
That my life is all. May I see myself.
In you, through you, to you.
Balance that.
Grace, Love, Power.

Power of the one.
One who, is me.
I am, self.
I am determined to live.
For my desires are yours.
My passion, be you.
Or as close as I can be.
At the hem of your garment.
Sew with love. Create with honor.
Make the life I live be.
Meaningfully showing life with grace.
To be me.

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