September 19, 2012

Plastic Bag...Bag

Mother necessity reared her head once again in our household! We recently moved and we seemed to take all of our plastic grocery bags with us. At one point I was working on melting them together to make a new reusable bag. It was pretty cool, but seemed to be a lot of work and not much stronger then a single plastic bag. I have since just made more fabric grocery bags instead (I will have to do a tutorial on that another day). So sat all the plastic bags I have collected over the last couple years. We do reuse them for waste cans and dog poop but don’t really have a good place to store them. This sparked the idea to make a holder for them.
Bag dispensers are nothing new but I wanted to make something fun and that looks nice for storage.  Below is a link to my Web site tutorial on what I did if anyone is interested in making a bag. If you are not sewing inclined, below is also link to my store. Enjoy!
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