January 08, 2014

Home is where you are

The last couple of months have felt exciting, stressful and long. My family and I moved into our first house and started right away making it our own. We have a growing list of projects we want to do and thing that need to get done. I am really excited for this challenge and pray that we can keep up momentum to finish what we started.

We have been making progress in making our manufactured home not feel so, well manufactured. In all of the bedrooms we have textured wall paper. It is not too bad, I am actually ok with it for the most part. We started by removing the wall paper in one of the rooms because it was starting to peel off anyway. It looks like it was the original wall paper when the walls were put up in 1988. My husband seemed together all of the panels then put drywall compound over it to give a smooth wall surface. We then primed and painted. Now it looks like any other room, with the exception it is now a multipurpose guestroom, office, library and studio. I am still trying to figure out how to fit everything in there and still make it functional, not just a storage area which it is at the moment.

Aside from that room, the rest of the house inside is in pretty good shape. I love the amount of light that comes through the windows. After years of living in dark apartments it is nice to see sunlight through my windows. When we moved in, the house was white in every room. I look at this as blank slate so I am excited to get to paint! We started by painting the living room. We have plans to paint the dinning room and kitchen once finances allow.

Outside, the yard is pretty barren. There are 3 large Red Cedar trees and one smaller tree I have yet to identify. Other then that, the yard is a hill of grass over run by moss. Their are existing flower beds along the back fence and front of the house but the dirt is loaded with moss and weeds. Once that is cleaned up they will be used for food production. My husband and I have been brainstorming different garden beds and raised garden ideas to avoid using the soil here until we know it is safe. We do not know what is in the soil and found a lot weed killer and other poisons the last owners left so we would like to clean up the soil before we plant food in it. So for now, my husband is building a cold frame garden box and a raised bed with some scrap wood we found on the property. We will be posting more pictures and video once we get things built and start planting.

We live in zone 8 in Washington state. We plan on growing a lot of vegetables and some berries. Do you have any have any recommendations or suggestions on what we should grow?

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