December 20, 2011

Quilling and Juicing

I am always trying to learn new techniques when it comes to crafting and what not. I have been interested in quilling but have never actually sat down to try it. The concept is simple, coil a thin strip of paper then squeeze into a shape that makes up a bigger picture. Here was my first attempt.

 For the flower I used 7 strips of teal paper cut
1/8" X 9"

For each petal coil paper then pinch at one end. used glue to hold tail of paper. I then glued each one to the one next to it with them meeting at the narrow point in the middle.

For the stem I used 1 1/2 strips of dark green paper.

After it was coiled I loosened the coil and stretched on end out then pinched in an oval like shape then glued the tail down. I then coiled the 1/2 piece a loosened it then glues the straight tail down to the first piece.

Once finished I glued the entire thing to a card front then added the center gem. Next time I will try something more complex. Stay tuned!

While I was busy making this card my husband and I juiced some fruit and veggies, but as with many of my projects I got carried away and left my juice sitting for too long. So it separated into this festive layered cocktail.

This one was made with kale, apples, spinach and beets. Tasted good and pretty too!

Like what you see? Want more?

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