June 01, 2012

Coupon ninja

I love couponing. I am by no means a diva of the free but, I do love a good deal. I have been trying to embrace using coupons and taking advantage of sales the last few years. I don't like to pay full price for anything, I am not cheap I just don't want to be had. I should think that no one does. I had always heard that people use so many coupons they could get stuff free. I have not seen it first hand but love to watch people do it on TV. I feel to be professional at it you need to know how to work the system. And have lots of time.

One of my goals for 2012 is to learn as much as possible to be able to save as much money as possible. God gave me skills in organization and patience so why not use them in a way that can benefit my family. I am going to work on understanding how to get a good deal by trial and error and other's examples.

This first theory I am going to research is: Necessity items are more expense at the beginning of the month when food stamps / EBT benefits kick in for the month.

The second theory I am going research is: It is better to stock up on items even if you will not likely use them just to get "the deal".

The third theory I am going to research is: You can get money back from the stores if your total goes to a negative balance.

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