April 22, 2013

Earth Day Up-cycled Decor

I love home decor items that make a dull boring space seem more warm and inviting.So with that need in mind, and also my love for all things recycled and re-purposed, I have decided to liven up my bathroom. Not the most glamorous of places but hey, it needs some character!

Anyone who knows me can clearly see I have a obsession/problem with recycling. Not in a bad way, but I am sure my husband gets really annoyed with be always telling him, "uh... hun, that can be recycled". I just have a strong urge to do the best with what we have got and that means no excuses for disposal. If we can't use it, give it to someone or a place that can.

You will need:
Old Vase that you would otherwise get rid of
Rope or twine
Hot glue and glue gun
Ribbon or embellishments as wanted

Make sure your vase or container is clean and ready for your glue. You will be only putting it on the outside, so your vase will still be usable for flowers or what ever you would like to put in it. I just left mine empty but I may add something more at a later time.

You will need enough rope or twine to go around your container from top to bottom.

I started with one end laying glue down on the vase then pressing the rope into the glue all the way around. Once you have gotten back to the start, guide your rope just below the first round and start your second round. Continue this process all the way to the bottom of the vase.

***I found that using one piece and spiraling down the 
vase works better than cutting each round.***

Once you have gotten to the bottom of the vase you can overlap the bottom ring and tuck the tail under the row above to conceal the end.

You do not need to put glue the entire way around each ring. Just enough to hold in place. I also found that as you are gluing and wrapping the rope, press the rope up against the ring above to make a tight wrap.

If you need  a place to get rid of your old stuff but don't want to throw it away consider donating it to a second hand store, charity or use an online service to help you find a new home like Freecycle.

Let me know what Earth Day inspired projects you come up with or if there is anything you would like me to try. Happy crafting!

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