April 05, 2013

Frozen Almond Butter Bananas

I have heard similar recipes are floating around on the internet... so here is my version to add to the bunch. This treat is great for anyone that wants a cold alternative to ice cream. Vegan, no sugar, no fillers just deliciousness!

Frozen Almond Butter Bananas
3  Medium Bananas
2 T Almond butter (I used fresh ground, no salt added)
1/4 C Coconut or rice milk

Peel and freeze bananas until solid. Once frozen through, place in food processor / blender. Add almond butter a milk a little at a time. Puree until smooth. Serve immediately. It will get a little soupy if not consumed right away.
You can also other flavors to suit you needs. My husband suggested a chocolate hazelnut spread. I have to admit...it did make dangerously delicious!

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