April 18, 2013

Father's Day Treats

This year for father's day my son and I are making his favorite cookie (Shortbread) with a little piece of us in it. The shortbread is a family recipe, raspberry jam made fresh last June and my son's hand print.

To make your own, make up a batch of a cookies that can be rolled out like a sugar cookie. Roll a ball of dough about golf ball sized then gently smash almost flat. Press child's hand down to leave imprint then fill with jam. Bake as directed in recipe. Finished cookie will be about 3-4" in diameter.

 ***Jam will be very hot when it first comes out so let cool before eating***

Size of dough ball may need to be altered depending on child's hand size. Try it out this Father's day!

Here is a link to a couple cookies I have made that will work for this project:

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