July 04, 2013

Tie-Dye and Marbled Cookies

For the fourth of July we were invited to some friend's house. I had been asking my husband the last few days if there was anything we should bring. He kept saying no, but I was not satisfied with that answer so I kept asking.
Finally he asked them, or at least told me he asked them to shut me up, and they said cookies would be great. So I got to work 2 hours before we were leaving. Seeing as how it was a holiday after all, I thought I would be patriotic and make marbled and tie-dye cookies. Marble to stand for the pillars which hold up the capital buildings and tie-dye to represent the free spirit with in me and a country that gives me the freedom to write things like this blog.

Not really, I was just making up the design as I went along, but that sounded pretty good right? So to make these cookies you will need to make a rolled out dough cookie. I used a sugar cookie. If you need a recipe here is link to my Sugar Cookies. You will also need food coloring and a cookie cutter.

Prepare your dough and roll out according to directions. For tie-dye cookies blot food coloring onto the dough surface randomly then cut out cookies. 

You may want to sprinkle with some sugar to hide any odd taste from the coloring.

 For the marbled look you can just roll your left over dough back into a ball then roll back out. Once rolled out it should looked marbled because of the food coloring. You can do this same effect with separating the dough into two or more pieces and coloring each individual section. Then roll back into one ball and roll out flat to cut.

Bake cookies according to recipe and enjoy! Please let me know if you try this method. I would love to see your pictures!

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