October 09, 2012

Autumn Wreath

"Bare walls need love too!" Screamed my walls late one night. Not sure if I was dreaming or not but either way they were right. It seems like our family takes about a full six month to adjust to our new home. Putting things on the wall definitely makes it feel more like a place of your own.

Autumn is no exception to be bland so I thought I would jazz up my living room with a wreath! I used some old artificial flowers, buttons I had laying around and a dollar wreath.


Here is what you will need:

Wire cutters, wire, flowers, buttons, tulle,
wreath, hot glue and glue gun.

1.  Start by wrapping some wire around the wreath a few times.

2.  Hot glue two flowers in place with the edges of the petals
     barely touching one another and angled toward the center
     of the wreath.

3.  Secure flowers from both side, pulling the petals down to  
     the wreath to cover your glue.

4. If you are using flowers that have many layers you can
    glue in between each to make it look as full as possible.

5. Position the third flower between the other two angled
    toward the outer edge.

6.  Fluff up the petals on all the flowers by alternating
     petals from all sides.

7.  Secure with more glue in necessary.

8.  Add tulle around wreath if desired, tucking the
     ends into the wreath and glue into place.

9.  Add buttons or decoration of choice.

*** You can also add, feathers, leaves or whatever strikes your mood***

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  1. Very cute! I made an Autumn wreath several years ago and it still looks great! I love the colors of Fall. Love Di ♥