October 17, 2012

Halloween Wall Hanging - Part 1

If any of you were reading my blog during the spring you might remember a St. Patrick's day wall hanging. Here is a link to that post if you want to check it out. I am working on something similar but totally different. Well, not really. It is the same idea just a different holiday. The only difference is now I know what I am doing and how to make it so much better! I hope so anyway, if not at least I tried and then will just have a mediocre decoration.

Here is what I have started so far...

I am using a few pieces of different colored felt, a large needle meant for embroidery and embroidery floss.

So far I have cut a couple basic shapes and are trying to figure out where to place them. I have started stitching a little bit around the larger pumpkin. At this point I will start to stuff the pumpkin to give it some dimension. Check back in a few days to see the finish wall hanging.

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  1. Looks great so far! Can't wait to see the finished wall hanging!

    New follower!