October 23, 2012

Light heavy breakfast

When I think of pancakes, I think of a delicious stack of a buttery loggers breakfast smoothered in a rich maple syrup. Makes my mouth water thinking about it but that is as far as it gets. I really try to make a cautious effort to not give in into my fat girl cravings. I am little by no means, and I am happy with who I am. But I definately want my insides to be health, thus no giant stack hotcakes.

I opt for two medium size blueberry pancakes with honey on top, a 1/2 C of cottage cheese and 2 peices of bacon. I still feel like I am getting my diner breakfast with out the extras like hasbrowns, toast, sausage, eggs etc. I love all those things too. Just not all in one sitting.

Do you have a favorite breakfast?  Let me know in the comments!
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  1. Well I do love fried eggs, hash browns and steak but I only eat that about once a year! LOL!!!
    I too try to be very careful as to what I eat. I've found that I like whole wheat pancakes better then regular ones and I like apples and cinnamon in mine. But usually I just have a bowl of some sort of healthy cereal,some fruit and a yogurt. Yeah, it's boring!
    Love Di ♥