October 24, 2012

Jean upgrade

As I have been working on mending clothes this last couple days I keep finding more and more rips, or soon to be rips in my jeans. Since the main structure of the jeans is still good and strong I have taken on stopping the rips before they get any worse. I have found the simplest way to do so is to make it look intentional like some fashion jeans. I find it ridiculous to spend $50 plus on  some jeans that are already worn out or have holes in them. I get holes in my jeans the good old fashion way, wearing them.

So with this idea in mind to just make my warn down jeans look like a hundred bucks, I have been sewing over the worn parts with a different color thread. I try to make it coordinate with the other stitching already on the seems so it look like they came that way. This is nothing new really, I have been doing this for a couple years. I just happen to find an old paid of jeans that fit again and saw that they could use some TLC. The method is to just run the sewing machine back and forth over the area to repair. It is more like a glorified free hand zig-zag stitch.

Do you have any mending or clothes repairing methods? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I really like this idea as I am often repairing my teens jeans. She likes when I sew a denim patch over the tear or hole. I fray it a bit first then just zig zag over the top. But I think she would like this method for a change, thanks for the idea!
    Love Di ♥

  2. Sure, let me know how it turns out!