October 20, 2012

Frame Jewelry Rack

I have been looking for a cheap or free solution to storing my jewelry that does not look cheap or free, but have come up unsuccessful thus far. I have seen people make racks out of wood frames and screen. So I thought I would give it a whirl. I searched for the perfect kind of screen that would work for the type of project I was attempting. I wanted to make something that would be durable and not rust, seeing as how I would be storing it in my bathroom. I am out of counter and dresser space so figured it would be nice to hang on the wall.

What else goes great on a wall? Pictures frames! I had a long picture frame that the glass had broken in. The frame was destine for donation anyway so it was worth giving this project a shot. Now that I had the frame, I needed the screen. I looked at what I already had, but it was just plastic window screen. It was a little too light weight and I was afraid it would not support the weight of all the jewelry. I looked at window screen of metal but felt it was still a little flimsy. I moved onto screen for kitchens that was really cool. Needless to say it was not worth the bacon. Lastly I tried chicken wire. Not the traditional hexagonal shaped wire but some that was a grid of 1/4 inch squares. Thirty minutes later I had a jewelry rack!

***I will work on writting up a tutorial if anyone
is interested in making one of your own.***

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