October 19, 2012

I aint 'fraid no ghost!

I strongly believe that decorations should be fun. Everyone has a different definition of fun but it is whatever you consider fun. I consider things that are neat, organized and stylish "fun". I don't know what that says about me, just a smidgen of OCD I guess.

Anyway here is what you will need to make your own FUN ghost!


I guess he was more scared of my dirty dishes
Cheese Cloth Ghost
Cheese Cloth
Liquid starch
Foam brush or sponge
Hot glue or glue dots
Decorations (things for eyes, mouth or accessories)

Blow up balloon to desired size. Secure balloon in place so it does not move too much when adding layers. If you are using a larger balloon you can rest on top of a tall glass and tape down to hold it in place.

Brush liquid starch onto balloon. Lay piece of cheese cloth over top then brush more start over cloth completely covering. Let dry.

Repeat 3 more times letting it dry completely between layers.

***Keep in mind how you are going to display your ghost.
If you want to hang it, think about fishing line because it is clear and will give more of the illusion of  floating. Figure out if you want you ghost to have long hanging pieces or not. If you do not put starch on a specific area it will stay more pliable and soft.***

Once dried you can pop balloon and remove. You are now ready to decorate you ghost. Have fun and I would love to see pictures of your ghosts!

***Special thanks to Mr. Hassell for the construction of the little scaredy ghost seen above***

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